Using the Game Uploader for Unity Games

Note: This example has 5 videos

Part 1 – Create Game Build Folder

In this 3:24 min video, learn how to create your game build folder when publishing your Unity game using the Web GL format.

Part 2 – Create Thumbnail for Unity Project Build

In this 4:18 video, learn how to create a thumbnail for your Unity project and add the image to your project folder.

Part 3 – Compress Unity Project Folder into a ZIP

In this 1:42 min video, learn how to compress your Unity project folder into a ZIP in order to be able to upload it on the Game Uploader.

Part 4 – Compress and Upload Unity Game Project to Game Uploader

In this 04:19 min video, learn how to compress and upload your Unity game project folder to the Game Uploader.

Part 5 – How to Add Your Unity Game Link to the Project Page

In this 1:15min video, learn how to link your uploaded Unity game project from the Game Uploader to the Project Page.